Why Did Paging MR Morrow Get Divorced?

Today our topic is why did paging mr morrow get divorced. In the 1997 movie Paging Mr. Morrow, the main character, Steve Morrow, divorces his wife, Paula. But why did they get a divorce in the first place? That is what we will be exploring in this article.

Why Did Paging MR Morrow Get Divorced?

Why Did Paging MR Morrow Get Divorced

A Lack of Connection

Steve and Paula’s relationship grew distant due to their conflicting schedules. With Steve out of town on business trips for weeks and Paula managing her career and family responsibilities, their marriage took a toll on them emotionally and mentally.

They eventually grew apart and started leading separate lives, thus prompting the eventual decision to divorce.

Different Life Goals

Throughout the movie, you can sense that Steve and Paula need to be more on the same page regarding life goals. Steve prioritizes his job over spending quality time with his family, while Paula prefers a more balanced approach between career and home life.

Eventually, this difference caused too much strain in their marriage, prompting them to seek a law firm specializing in family law services for care proceedings advice for an uncontested divorce, resulting in their eventual split.

Partnership Problems

Last but not least, Steve Morrow also suffers from an issue that afflicts many couples- lack of communication & understanding between partners.

It has been said that communication problems can lead to further issues such as resentment & hostility between one another, which you can see throughout Paging Mr. Morrow as well as poor trust within each other, resulting in marital discord & eventual break-up of relations altogether.

Both factors could be attributed heavily to why Steve & Paula divorced unhappily after having been together for so long, previously, still nominally at least!

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