Why Did Darrell Winn Leave SBN?

Today our topic is why did Darrell winn leave sbn. Darrell Winn was one of the original hosts of SportsByNets. He captivated audiences when he joined the show in 2011 and helped them profoundly grow their audience. In 2018, however, Winn abruptly announced that he would leave SB Nation’s studio. So why did Darrell Winn leave the show?

Why Did Darrell Winn Leave SBN b

Why Did Darrell Winn Leave SBN?

So let’s take a look at Why did Darrell winn leave sbn.

Personal Reasons for Leaving

While it has never been officially confirmed, many speculate that Winn left SportsByNets for personal reasons. His termination from SB Nation came shortly after his father passed away in late 2017, which caused him to take an extended break from hosting duties on the show.

Some also speculate that Winn may have desired a change of scenery or opportunities for growth elsewhere as an on-air personality outside of SB Nation’s umbrella.

Marketing Opportunities Elsewhere

Since leaving SportsByNets, Darrell Win has taken on projects outside of sports broadcasting by working with marketers like Coca-Cola and CNBC’s The Profit, among others.

His newfound marketing experience allows him to leverage his media platform to promote products and services while showing his versatility as an expert digital marketer.

As such, he can now bring in more income by capitalizing on marketing deals outside of SB Nation’s coverage area than what he was receiving from his salary at SBN alone.

Desire for Change

Ultimately, Darrell Winn left SportsByNets because he wanted a personal and professional change. He wanted something new and different by taking a shot at exploring other job opportunities available outside of sports broadcasting — mainly focused on digital marketing positions —and creating more financial stability for himself by leveraging those same opportunities while maintaining his social media presence.

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